How To Install Gutter Clips For Christmas Lights

How do you put clips on gutters?

Gutter hooks work on any type of light strings and hold tight to gutters. The small size of this clip makes them perfect for maneuvering lights around tight corners too! To use the gutter hook, just slip your light string through one end of the hook and slide the other end of the hook over the lip of your gutter!

Do you need gutter clips for Christmas lights?

You will also need at least one extension cord that you can lead from the last string of lights into your garage or porch outlet. Make sure these extension cords are also made for outdoor use. Finally, you’ll need plenty of gutter clips.

What screws to use for gutter clips?

RECOMMENDED: Use two 25mm x 5mm roundhead brass or zinc screws when fitting fascia brackets.

How do you install gutter pins?

To replace gutter spikes with screws, simply remove the old gutter spike and insert the screw through the existing hole in the front of the gutter. Then use a cordless drill to drive the screw into a new hole in the fascia board. Snug the screw up to the gutter, being careful not to over tighten it.

How many clips do you need on a gutter?

Gutter hangers should always be placed at least every three feet for proper support (2 feet in northern climates where snow and ice can add additional weight on the gutters).